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In the case of competition-legal, domainright, copyright or similar problems we ask you to already contact us for the avoidance of unnecessary law cases and costs in the apron. The cost note of a lawyer warning without preceding establishment of contact with El Pino S.L. is rejected in the sense of the damage reduction decrease as unfounded!

The responsibility and adhesion for the software exclusively is with the author/author. When questions, problems or suggestions to a program, you turn please directly to the author

""are a Download listing and predominantly place data and information, as well as by means of hyper+on the left of information of other Websites to the order. These information and data serve alone information purposes, without itself the user on correctness, topicality or completeness of the information destined or abandoned kann.
the Download, the installation and the use of the listed and linked programs, take place on own danger! does not take over guarantee or adhesion for any damage, damages or losses, which can develop, in particular also regarding the indication of the license (Freeware, Shareware, etc.). The users do without any requirements against the operator, that can result from these procedures.

In the on-line appearance are offered occasional panels and Chats in real time. The information and contents exchanged by the users of these forums are subject therefore to no control by For this reason no adhesion for the information and contents stopped into the forums takes over. Users of these forums do not commit themselves, contents of, software, to stop information or other material into the forums which offends against existing laws, in particular pornographisch, obszoen or diffamierend are or other users or, for example by viruses, damage kann.

The use of certain further contents within the on-line appearance of find further regulations application, to those the user within the respective offer referred wird. reserve themselves, changes or additions of the made available information or data without announcement.

The registration of a program are free for the software authors at any time. A requirement on admission is not derived thereby. reserves itself the right, to put certain programs not into the data base.

Der contents web pages is in copyright matters protected. The duplication, change, spreading or storage of information or data, in particular of pages, texts or pictorial material, require the previous written agreement of

Like § 5 Abs.1 TDG are responsible we excluding only for own contents. For left on stranger contents of third offerers we are responsible in accordance with § 5 Abs.2 TDG only if we from an illegal or punishable content positive knowledge have and it technically possible and reasonable is, to prevent whose use. Also we are not obligated to examine in periodic distances contents of offers third for their illegality or punishability. As soon as we experience from illegal contents of the web pages third, the appropriate is removed left from our side. Further we would like to stress expressly that we do not have any influence on the organization and contents of the left sides. Therefore we dissociate ourselves hereby expressly from all contents of all left sides on the entire Website inclusive all lower surfaces. This explanation applies to all on the homepage yielded on the left of and for all contents of the sides, to which left or banners lead. If contents of these InterNet offers should offend against valid copyright or the mark law, will these on reference delete as fast as possible.

Data Security

How we work with your data:

It is us obligation to deal with your personal data very carefully. The regulations of relevant legal rules are considered by us strongly.

The transport of your data over the InterNet to us is only then protected by us if on the lower status border of your Browsers the lock symbol is closed. With certain data we reserve ourselves this procedure. The data communication is then protected surely over the SSL Procedure (Secure Socket Layer) in connection with a coding against unauthorized reading through third. If this option is not active, consider this please with the InterNet dispatch of further self-information about other applications e.g. also e-Mail.

Agreement: If you enter data over itself, permit us thereby storage and use in the sense of the Federal Law for Data Protection. These information is personal and is naturally confidentially used. A contradiction and thus a deletion of your personal data with us are at any time moeglich.

Excluded: We use the information, which we store during the normal attendance of our web pages received and, exclusively within the circle craftsman shank stone ford. It is not intended to use these for the person identification. Exception, if it applies to resist attacks the criminal offence existence represent or the operability of our Web offer to prevent or too impair.

Der way of your data to us: They look for something over the InterNet, or would like to also only orient itself. We possibly offer the search on one of our InterNet sides. In order to make this kind possible of communication without personal meeting, the exchange of information (data) is necessary. They want to learn us to know and place possibly questions, we present themselves and are to answer if necessary. Only by the data communication over the InterNet it can be derived whether we understand ourselves correctly, whether we are to act or not.

Cookie: We use if necessary Cookies, in order to simplify you and us the InterNet use and communication. If you wish it, you can a storage of Cookies on your web browser generally suppress or decide whether you wish a storage by reference or not.

Externe left: Our InterNet sides can contain partial external left to other InterNet sides. We are not responsible for the attention of the data security regulations or contents of other InterNet sides. We recommend that it the data security regulations of the respective InterNet side visited by read all carefully.

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