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Work Examiner
Controlling employees' computer work efficiency has become the major problem for managerial staff inside the modern IT company. Managers do not exactly know what their workers doing at computers during the working day. The best way to control them and to start innovative management strategy is to track employees' computer activities using specialized software tools. Work Examiner is widely used as employee monitoring tool and it is perfect for gathering accurate stats on application usage and web sites viewed by your employees. Work Examiner has powerful tools for analyzing how working time spent at the computer was used. Program gathers information from all company PC's into a unified database and provides managers with computer usage stats grouped by categories (applications: games, office, system, multimedia, Internet applications, etc.; web sites: porno, chats, news, media, etc.). With Work Examiner manager can effectively control PCs' usage inside the company LAN. You can set up restrictions for specific applications (games, media, etc.) during the working time and allow running them during the break. Moreover, you can totally control all Internet resources and websites visited by a worker. So employee can visit only permitted websites during the certain time period. The both application and Internet restrictions can be applied to applications, application groups, users, computers and IP addresses. Work Examiner can automatically notify you every time your employees are trying to launch forbidden application or visit a web site. Due to its ease of deployment Work Examiner can be automatically spread inside the company local area network in a moment. Handy installation wizard will help to install server and clients' applications after the few mouse clicks. Furthermore, Work Examiner keeps your employees' privacy. All the gathered information is unified; program does not collect any personal information, intercept no keystrokes and creates no screen captures.
Version 1.5
Last Update 07.10.2005
System(s) Sonstige, , , ,
Size 0 MB
Licence | Price Shareware | 49 USD
Author EfficientLab
Downloads 355
Rating Note: 7 (0 Ratings)

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